Magnolia H.S. Class of 1970
Anaheim California
Magnolia H.S. Class of 1970 is not affiliated with Anaheim Union High School District nor Magnolia High School
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The New Lamp Lighter

Another Memory From Yesterday
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The Graduation Program for the Class of 1970
The Lamplighter of Yesterday
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 Oct 1967 Found
Nov 1967 Found
Dec 1967 Not Found
 Jan 1968 Found
Feb 1968 Not Found
 March 1968 Not Found
April 1968 Not Found
May 1968 Found
June 1968 Not Found
 Oct 1968 Found
Nov 1968 Found
 Dec 1968 Found
Jan 1969 Not Found
 Feb 1969 Not Found
 March 1969 Not Found
April 1969 Not Found
May 1969 Not Found
 June 1969 Not Found
 Nov 1, 1969 Found
Nov 21, 1969 Found
 Dec 12, 1969 Found
 Feb 6, 1970 Found
Feb 20, 1970 Found
 March 6, 1970 Found
March 20, 1970 Found
 April 24, 1970 Found
May 15, 1970 Found
 June 5, 1970 Found

We would like to thank Victor Vazquez, Jeanne Miller, Suzi Martel and Leslie Hunt for sending in hard copies of the Lamplighter that they have kept all these years.  We know that the 11 issues of the Lamplighter that are still missing are out there, in some forgotten box or file cabinet. If you look around you might find a little treasure.

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